Nauti’s journey began with an unlikely meeting between our founder, Angel, and a 2nd generation Italian shoe craftsman.  Angel had never envisioned being a craftswoman. However, she saw the potential for a business that could benefit her community. Thus, Angel took a leap of faith, purchased the Italian craftsman’s machines and started her business designing high quality, handcrafted sandals.

Originally, the business was called “Sustainable Sandals”.   A few years later, “Nauti” was born.  Adjustments like using marine quality pleathers were made because it is cruelty free, durable, comfortable, resists bacterial growth, and maintains color. Furthermore, Nauti flip flop sandals are designed by input received from renowned physicians, providing our customers with maximum comfort. 

Nauti Sandals are handcrafted in Southern California. Our sandals support local craftsmanship. We are based in Orange County, where we serve our customers online, at Farmakis Farms Friday Market, Riviera Beach Resort in Capo Beach, coastal boutiques like Grand Chance  and surf and art festivals.  Additionally, we ship our flip flop sandals and other coastal-inspired products across the United States. 

Our goal is to provide ocean lovers high quality, sustainable, and chic sandals and products that they will love.

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